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Wetravent offers a high quality range of compressor and blower technology to deliver the ideal solution for your plant. Our proven technology has been developed to meet the individual needs of our customers with tailor-made solutions and to realise a real competitive advantage for you.

In continuous use, Wetravent units have proven themselves under the highest demands for many years, demonstrating reliability and safety around the clock.

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Ring blower

Pressure or vacuum of the sucked gas is increased by a series of swirls created by centrifugal force in the peripheral ring channel. The rotating parts of the ring blower do not touch the casing.
WETRAVENT Air Products - Products - Teaser - Radial fans

Centrifugal fans

Centrifugal fans are used wherever a greater pressure increase is required for the same air volume. The air is sucked in parallel or axially to the drive axis of the centrifugal fan and is deflected by the rotation of the impeller and blown out radially.
WETRAVENT Air Products - Products - Teaser - Rotary vane pump

Rotary vane pumps

The rotary vane vacuum pump works on the positive displacement principle. A rotor, which is equipped with three rotary vane valves, rotates eccentrically inside a stator. The suction effect of the pump is created by the enlargement of the pumping chamber when the rotor rotates.
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Customised solutions are standardised into ready-to-use systems which are optimally tailored to the various industry requirements.
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A wide range of applications require special requirements. We offer the appropriate accessories for the units.

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